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Jay Nunez

No Love Lost Wine Co.

Jay Nunez


A curious soul with creative inclinations. Jay Nunez found himself infatuated with the vinification process, sustainable agriculture and the Napa Valley wine community. This infatuation turned in to obsession. Filling his home with wine projects while working two jobs and going to school. Those wine projects as well as exposure to the heart of the American wine industry slowly showed him less is more. These experiences molded his vision on how and led him in to his current minimal interventionist perspective on winemaking.

Their mission is to make wine approachable and attainable for anyone who is curious by creating an open and welcoming community. Their focus is not prestige but rather quality.  They value and honor tradition but are not afraid to embrace innovation by challenging convention. their goal is not to scale or disrupt but to inspire you to explore and discover.

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