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M&O Wine Cellars

Steve Miller & Juan Orozco

M&O Wine Cellars is a company built on friendship, trust, passion and desire.  Founders, Steve Miller and Juan Orozco, both share a very strong love and commitment to their craft.


Juan, also known as ‘The Artist’, possesses a distinct and unique ability to create these very special artisan, handcrafted wines.  With over 20 years of experience, he has learned to take a traditional approach in his winemaking style, and both he and Steve believe in patience when it comes to skin contact and barrel aging.  Our wines are unfined and unfiltered which allows for full expression of the characteristics and nuances from each varietal and terroir.


We are very proud and excited to share our wines with you!



“It doesn’t matter if your glass is half empty or half full.  There is clearly room for more wine…”

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