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Having gone to winemaking school in Germany, Scott has always liked making European style Rieslings.  There are not too many Riesling vineyards left in Mendocino County.  We can be thankful that Greg Nelson has preserved this great Riesling Vineyard.  The wine is made in an off dry style picked at low brix (29.5 brix=80 Őchsle) and high acidity to produce a crisp low alcohol “Trocken Kabinett” style Riesling.

Grown just south of Ukiah on the Nelson Ranch in Mendocino County. Nestled in an upland side canyon this 45 year old Riesling vineyard produces small yields of flavorful Riesling grapes.

Tasting Notes:

Well balanced delicate wine with hints of peaches, orange blossoms, Lychee nut, and light honeysuckle. This delicate varietal Riesling shows the light terpines reminiscent of the wonderful Rieslings of the Rhein River.

Vintage 2019
Varietal Riesling
Appellation Mendocino County
pH 3.1
Fermentation Non Malo-Lactic
Residual Sugar 0.8%
Alcohol % 10.5
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