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Sourced from the Gustafson vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley AVA of Sonoma but far from typical for the area. Sourced from a site that sits above the fog line at about 1500 ft elevation overlooking Lake Sonoma. Planted on an east facing slope consisting of a small pocket of Blue slate that is tucked away into the mountains. Kept cool by the trade winds that carry Pacific air through a break in the coastal range and over the property. Arguably the most beautiful vineyard No Love has worked with.

A strong heat spell caused us to bring this Riesling in a bit early in 2022 during the third week of August. Thankfully we made the decision and timing was on our side. Freshness and varietal florality was preserved and brought to the forefront on this wine. Whole clustered pressed and allowed to cold settle over a period of two days. Indigenous yeast were allowed to set in and do their thing beginning a slow but steady fermentation.100% stainless steel was used to let this wine rest for 8 months before being bottled.

Tasting Notes:

Lemon zest, jasmine and honeysuckle draw you in to this Riesling. Finishing with grapefruit and apricot.


100% Riesling, Dry Creek AVA Sonoman


Vegan Friendly

Sustainable, family owned, zero spray vineyard source

Carbon Conscious glass and labels used

Unfinned, unfiltered, uninoculated

Total sulfur < 85 ppm

12.1% ABV

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