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What is home? Home to me is a feeling more than a place you can go. You can take home with you and you can give home to someone in a way that is so much more than shelter. It is the warm meal made by mom with love and the connections, the positive affirmations that occur and are broadcasted by sharing the moment, that time together. Whether we know what that tangibly is or where that is, is it’s beauty. It can exist anywhere, in anyone. The Home Ranch Vineyard in Clarksburg is exactly that of which we speak of. A place settled six generations ago by the Van Loben Sels family and where they still reside today. Clarksburg is the site of the Home Ranch and to me the embodiment of what it means to love a place and one another. The population in Clarksburg at the time of writing this is about 400 people. Most of which are descendants of the first Americans to settle in the area. Forgotten by time but rich in principles that have been guided by their resilience, forward thinking nature and now for the Home Ranch the 6th generation Van Loben Sels, Sean. They grow and raise everything it would take to allow the world to forget they exist and in a way are now influencing the modern world that has sprouted up around them. Back to the roots. Back to the simplicity that breeds unobjected beauty. We feel fortunate to champion this place that so few people will ever have an opportunity to experience. With that we welcome you in to our home and in to our hearts through this Home Ranch Chardonnay.


Vintage 2020

Varietal Chardonnay

Location Clarksburg AVA

Foot tread then pressed

Barrel Fermented and rested on the Lees for 11 months

No stirring or racking

3.3 PH 12.7% ABV

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