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Sometimes the simplest tasks are the hardest to accomplish. With Rosé, this is always the case. We start by sourcing organic and sustainable fruit from our friend John Gash on the east side of Lodi. John takes pride in being an outcast, and that is why I love working with him. In the land of overly indulgent fruit bombs, we are in search of a fresh finesse and elegance. To me Grenache is the perfect grape to make rosé and that is something I am not alone on. Some of the best rosés in the world are made from this grape. The fruit is brought in early in season and taken directly into a very gentle pressing. The juice that is coerced out of the grapes is allowed to cold settle overnight before being transferred to neutral Loire and Burgundy barrels. There it will sit for the span of its life until it is time to bottle. Minimal SO2 is added before bottling and that is it. Nothing ever touches our barrels. Well, that is aside our love and passion. The classics are never complicated, and neither is this wine.

Light, refreshing with fresh ripe strawberries making their first impression as this wine kisses your lips. That red fruit carries it through to a surprisingly lasting finish for a wine that is purely intended to make you smile. This wine finds a home at any daytime function and pairs beautifully with everything from house music to jazz, as long as people are having fun and the sun is shining you can’t go wrong popping the No Love Lost Rosé. This is not your grandma’s white Zin, but hey there is nothing wrong with that either.

Salmon or poultry are a sultry combination when enjoy this pink juice. Like your friend who feels comfortable anywhere or with anyone, you won’t go wrong here. From summertime tomato gazpacho to Thanksgiving at your favorite auntie’s house, this wine finds a home and gets comfortable there. I hope this wine brings a smile to you and your whole crew.

Cheers and much love,
Jay Nunez


2021 Grenache Rosé
12.5 % ABV
3.25 PH
100 cases produced

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