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The magic of Thorn Hill’s 2010 Ice wine started in our Napa Valley Carneros vineyard. The soils are a combination of gravel, volcanic ash, loam, and clay that ages-old geologic forcesformedatthebaseofthesouthernendoftheNapaValley. The vineyard is located in one of the coolest areas of the Napa Valley and is well protected from the morning and evening breezes. The fog, which is so critical to noble rot, can settle longer to help in the all-important transformation created by botrytis, a mold that provides the near-mystical richness, texture, and complexity that sets Thorn Hill’s Ice wine apart.

In 2010 the Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes fully ripened late in the year and were transformed by the late harvest rains into an ice wine through a combination of botrytis, frost, and the winemaker’s willingness to take a calculated risk by delaying picking through the rainy season into late November when the grapes were frostbitten on the vine.


Tasting Notes:

Thorn Hill’s “Ice” comes from grapes ripened by winter’s first frost. Replete with aroma and flavors of honey, apricot, pear and caramel, “Ice” is a refined wine born of high peaks and high taste.



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